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added:2015-07-21 13:34:58.359080
keywords: crypto lang:en gpg keysigning_party
id: 38d3590569fe718f50a3b5ebeac4957d
Creating the perfect GPG keypair <>
added:2014-07-13 22:50:39.827507
keywords: howto lang:en gnupg crypto
id: 73f2b0b9036bdad781f5761e1c7de82c
Offline GnuPG Master Key and Subkeys on YubiKey NEO Smartcard <>
added:2014-06-24 19:12:15.361320
keywords: crypto lang:en howto gnupg
id: 57eb89e216689571c5e4ab333e95f0ee
Alcune cose che non è il caso di fare con una chiave gpg
added:2014-01-29 12:50:00.614731
keywords: crypto gnupg articolo lang:en
id: 3b34f36424ab6477d379b4d6f4c35432
USB Random Number Generator <>
Progetto con schemi per realizzare un semplice generatore di numeri casuali collegato via USB
added:2013-09-30 14:21:25.904331
keywords: hardware crypto open_hardware
id: c40ae16b77c7ce9ed63cfd73c0cc4cc9
added:2013-09-30 11:23:00.878086
keywords: uefi secure_boot crypto articolo lang:en
id: ec0495511277e6c17a8026dd56805361
Public register of authentic identity and travel documents <>
added:2013-09-18 16:06:49.669987
keywords: crypto keysigning_party
id: e2c1ac7396f927ad88fb7bed641d167d
WebPG <>
Estensione per firefox e chrom* che implementa GnuPG/PGP
added:2013-09-14 12:47:58.043632
keywords: crypto browser software gpg openpgp
id: 833e4e730912a4c9c008be975e66878d
Paperkey - an OpenPGP key archiver <>
added:2013-08-06 13:23:02.978974
keywords: crypto software gestione_chiavi
id: 6275de7056c4d1a7a719cc2c143b1bbd
key-report <>
Tool per segnalare quali chiavi OpenPGP del proprio keyring stanno per scadere
added:2013-08-02 11:10:02.527884
keywords: crypto software gpg lang:en
id: 19ba9edf1f240485f8bdf90e60fabd7b
added:2013-07-08 16:34:09.929124
keywords: crypto articolo gnupg
id: 30f2a0363400e99575920105f72386be
The complete guide to publishing PGP keys in DNS <>
added:2013-02-26 14:05:30.035310
keywords: crypto lang:en howto keys dns
id: ac9a3ed2406bd5bc102fe95bd649aa9d
Password Cracking AES-256 DMGs and Epic Self-Pwnage <>
added:2013-02-19 09:57:24.120294
keywords: articolo lang:en crypto password recupero_password
id: 5f315c1b3fa36413d06357468875106d
added:2013-01-16 10:30:29.854728
keywords: crypto lang:en http browser apache firefox
id: c06f134fc5358ca48aa051c682586254
The Guardian Project <>
added:2013-01-12 09:46:52.284114
keywords: android secutiry crypto project lang:en
id: c2f7b5d64afb5a62850f269ddc63768c
added:2012-12-09 09:19:46.769427
keywords: crypto gpg lang:en software web
id: 597f2f0b4caa8376687450fac3d40dbd
Creating GPG Keys - FedoraProject <>
Istruzioni sulla creazione di chiavi GPG, anche con strumenti grafici
added:2012-12-08 21:47:26.015045
keywords: crypto gpg lang:en howto cli gui
id: f9a0735953c4d2dd964e1b69adc0bbe9
added:2012-12-04 13:06:39.209698
keywords: crypto lang:en gpg web_of_trust
id: 9cc1ab4d0e5f37ca2c6e7d7a6120cd0a
OpenPGP key to paper <>
Generatore di biglietti per keysigning party (html)
added:2012-11-15 09:01:51.134564
keywords: crypto gpg keysigning_party servizio
id: 689cad4002674f7e2514b802279261eb
OpenPGP key paper slip generator <>
Generatore di biglietti per keysigning party (xelatex/pdf)
added:2012-11-15 08:58:48.134839
keywords: crypto gpg keysigning_party servizio
id: 8f252a447a2550045ef15834e45d555d <>
autenticazione a servizi online tramite chiave OpenPGP
added:2012-02-11 17:56:14.325967
keywords: crypto lang:en software protocollo
id: 9031ce35ce257a1ceb572aef33cb0167
analysis of the strong set in the PGP web of trust <>
added:2012-01-29 17:33:32.600858
keywords: crypto articolo lang:en
id: eafebc1b21514322dabf741dce7b094a
Wotsap <>
Statistiche e ricerche nella Web of Trust
added:2012-01-29 17:29:59.523313
keywords: crypto web_of_trust web_service lang:en
id: 99366ff26ec2a8ced95a123c56036aa9
pgp keys, pathfinder, statistics, references <>
added:2012-01-29 17:28:54.398788
keywords: crypto web_of_trust web_service lang:en
id: 4536b95ea539108d3e71b548576b3d68
Pacman Package Signing – 4: Arch Linux <>
added:2012-01-19 13:04:19.835622
keywords: crypto arch_linux howto articolo
id: 1da59facefb5cf09c8ced49f20754a69
Obnam - backup program <>
added:2012-01-13 12:31:05.644411
keywords: software backup crypto lang:en
id: c68a15d9919e8405fe117ae3781d823f
sig2dot GPG/PGP Keyring Graph Generator <>
added:2012-01-13 11:08:54.829087
keywords: software crypto lang:en
id: c595c0e44d66af56c8899bd69c5549cb
PGP Tools <>
Strumenti per semplificare la firma di (molte) chiavi, la preparazione di keysigning party ecc.
added:2012-01-13 11:03:43.595643
keywords: software crypto lang:en
id: 15ab763aa61b463fdca5fc0ac1d2050b
XKCD - Responsible Behavior <>
Come non comportarsi ai keysigning party
added:2012-01-13 11:00:42.767462
keywords: fun crypto lang:en
id: 7f7bb398e1844151230479ce61ae8f8d
PGP: Public Key Servers <>
added:2012-01-13 10:42:41.237434
keywords: elenco_risorse crypto lang:en
id: 73fda07623bbf2a12a1ab2e8afb51ab2
added:2012-01-13 10:35:53.471589
keywords: howto crypto lang:en lang:it
id: 3f44e81e731f13e0f7d4915898bf8a77
Creating a new GPG key (Ana’s blog) <>
added:2012-01-13 10:32:38.140408
keywords: howto crypto lang:en
id: ed743e265553f128c67a176b7dd37493
Creating a new GPG key ( <>
added:2012-01-13 10:31:36.579564
keywords: howto crypto lang:en debian
id: d885a6db4961968d6004b3dcd432fcbe
Enigmail: A simple interface for OpenPGP email security <>
added:2012-01-05 22:25:21.396404
keywords: howto crypto lang:en
id: 7736d1e4083b3a3a68ec09b3c5b70f30
Using OpenPGP subkeys in Debian development <>
added:2012-01-05 22:09:30.907570
keywords: howto crypto lang:en
id: 24af8a58f5f4486d6c6bbda585882013